Hotel Review: La Samanna St. Martin

It’s been awhile (25+ years) since I’ve stayed at a Caribbean resort but my memory of most of them was disappointment at the lack of cleanliness, superior service and beautiful décor.  Belmond’s La Samanna Resort on the Caribbean Island of St. Martin changed my perception.  We picked St. Martin because of the ease of flights from Seattle (just one connection in Atlanta) and picked La … Continue reading Hotel Review: La Samanna St. Martin

Hit the “Road to Hana”

Over a million people visit Maui each year. Many choose to stay on the west or south end of the island and never adventure far from their resort area. But don’t overlook the famed Road to Hana. Depending on your adventure meter, it could be your greatest life adventure. There is a reason it is called the “road” to Hana. The journey to Hana and … Continue reading Hit the “Road to Hana”

Cancel for Any Reason Travel Insurance

I got a call from a friend yesterday asking me if she should buy travel insurance for a domestic flight. This question is becoming an increasingly important decision, especially in light of last week’s recent terrorist attacks. The only time I typically buy travel insurance is when I book a big summer trip to Europe. I do this mainly because I try to pay as … Continue reading Cancel for Any Reason Travel Insurance

Michigan Unsalted

If you haven’t been “Up North,” you’ve missed a wonderful a wonderful spot in this great country of ours. Don’t underestimate the “upper lower peninsula” of Michigan as a potential vacation destination. The Great Lakes area prides itself as being the “unsalted” beach alternative. If you’re from the Midwest, you’re probably familiar with at least one of the many resort towns along the shores of … Continue reading Michigan Unsalted

Battle of the Beaches – Favorite Beaches Around the World

Why do we like beaches so much? There are a lot of terrible things about beaches … sand in your swimsuit, crabs, uneven surfaces, saltwater in your eyes, too hot or too cold, too many people, and don’t forget about sharks! But despite all these shortcomings, so many of us are drawn to the beach. I live about a block from a “beach” on the … Continue reading Battle of the Beaches – Favorite Beaches Around the World