Product Review: Flanabags

Sometimes it’s the simplest of products that work the best … or the products that you initially didn’t know you needed.  That’s what Flanabags are.  “Flanabags?” you ask.  Yes, a brand you probably haven’t heard of but will want several once you discover their usefulness. Think permanent ZipLock bags. A couple years ago in one of my organization impulsive buys I decided to buy a … Continue reading Product Review: Flanabags

Hotel Review: Roche Harbor Resort

Name of Hotel: Roche Harbor Resort Location: Roche Harbor, San Juan Island, Washington Rating*: 5/5 (*Rating Scale – 1: Terrible, 2: Poor, 3: Average, 4: Very Good, 5: Excellent) Type of Traveler: Families, Reunions, Girlfriend Getaway, Romantic Best Time of Year: Summer Key Features: Marina, Character, Water, Wedding Chapel Drawbacks: Hard to get to, somewhat seasonal Side Notes: I recently had tickets on Kenmore Air that had … Continue reading Hotel Review: Roche Harbor Resort

Hit the “Road to Hana”

Over a million people visit Maui each year. Many choose to stay on the west or south end of the island and never adventure far from their resort area. But don’t overlook the famed Road to Hana. Depending on your adventure meter, it could be your greatest life adventure. There is a reason it is called the “road” to Hana. The journey to Hana and … Continue reading Hit the “Road to Hana”

Cancel for Any Reason Travel Insurance

I got a call from a friend yesterday asking me if she should buy travel insurance for a domestic flight. This question is becoming an increasingly important decision, especially in light of last week’s recent terrorist attacks. The only time I typically buy travel insurance is when I book a big summer trip to Europe. I do this mainly because I try to pay as … Continue reading Cancel for Any Reason Travel Insurance

2015 Top Ten Stocking Stuffers for Women Travelers

Roll on Perfume  ($10) – Roll-on “scents” are the perfect addition to any travel kit.  Fun “destination” scents available. Mod Camera Pouch ($23.50) – Help your loved ones keep their camera safe while traveling with this bright and merry plush-lined camera case. iPhone Charger Wrap ($12-$14) – Help your household say “that’s mine” festively by giving everyone their own charger wrap for their chargers. Leather Luggage Tag ($30) – … Continue reading 2015 Top Ten Stocking Stuffers for Women Travelers