Holes in Your Shirts? We’ve Got This!

Are you getting tiny little holes in your shirts?  Was I the only one?  Am I going crazy???

I used to get tiny little holes in all my t-shirts and sweaters right at the belt buckle level.  When I first noticed it I thought it was strange but unique to me. I was so flummoxed (obsessed) by this and tried to analyze the situation to discover why I was getting so many holes.

I tried putting a dishtowel between my seat belt and my pants for a month to see if it was caused by my seat belt rubbing against my pants buttons.  But I still kept getting holes.

I tried duct taping a dishtowel to my sink edge to see if leaning over the sink doing dishes was causing it.  But I still kept getting holes.

I tried changing belts and I tried not wearing belts.  But I still kept getting holes.

I finally determined that the little holes were caused by a combination of various things rubbing against my belt buckle corners or my denim tab (i.e. the tab the sticks out at the top of your jean button).

The good news is that I was actually in a position to do something about this.  During my process of analysis, I began working with my business partner, Aly, on designing the perfect belt.  We had made up a checklist of functions we wanted a belt to accomplish …

þ Flat enough to hide behind our tightest tee’s

þ Firm enough to stop the constant tugging on our belt loops

þ Eliminate the flap; yet keep it adjustable

þ Make it fashionable

So I added one more item to our checklist

þ Get rid of tiny holes in our shirts

After about 18 months of R&D we came up with the perfect solution for all the items on our checklist.  And I’m here to tell you that the hipsi belt really does stop you from getting holes in your shirts.  I haven’t had one since!






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