Product Review: Flanabags

Sometimes it’s the simplest of products that work the best … or the products that you initially didn’t know you needed.  That’s what Flanabags are.  “Flanabags?” you ask.  Yes, a brand you probably haven’t heard of but will want several once you discover their usefulness. Think permanent ZipLock bags.

A couple years ago in one of my organization impulsive buys I decided to buy a bunch of various sized small Vera Bradley bags, all in the same pattern, to use in my suitcase when I travel.  I was thinking of what I could put in each little bag to avoid having random stuff gathered in my suitcase.  Sounds like a great idea, right? Except I could never remember what was in each bag and you certainly couldn’t tell by looking at them since they all looked the same.  So I did a lot of zipping and unzipping.

Enter Flanabags, not as sexy as Vera Bradley bags … ok, I know Vera Bradley isn’t sexy at all.  So should I say not as “flowery” as Vera Bradley bags?  I’m obsessed with these handy clear travel bags.  They are made out of just the perfect plastic (not too stiff) and are all fabric lined.  I use them for my liquids, underwear, jewelry, etc.  They are simple easy to pull out in TSA lines (although I never do and they never seem to ask about my liquids).


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