Product Review: Flanabags

Sometimes it’s the simplest of products that work the best … or the products that you initially didn’t know you needed.  That’s what Flanabags are.  “Flanabags?” you ask.  Yes, a brand you probably haven’t heard of but will want several once you discover their usefulness. Think permanent ZipLock bags. A couple years ago in one of my organization impulsive buys I decided to buy a … Continue reading Product Review: Flanabags

Hotel Review: La Samanna St. Martin

It’s been awhile (25+ years) since I’ve stayed at a Caribbean resort but my memory of most of them was disappointment at the lack of cleanliness, superior service and beautiful décor.  Belmond’s La Samanna Resort on the Caribbean Island of St. Martin changed my perception.  We picked St. Martin because of the ease of flights from Seattle (just one connection in Atlanta) and picked La … Continue reading Hotel Review: La Samanna St. Martin