Hotel Review: Ham Yard London

We are huge fans of any Firmdale hotel.  Nevermind that they are all (but one) located in our favorite city.  But I’d love them even if they were in Tulsa.  My husband is a frequent traveler to London and is slowly making his way through each of the eight Firmdale hotels.  We recently were in town for one night and stayed at the Ham Yard.  Tucked away in a tight courtyard in Soho this property is a bustle of activity at all hours.


Ham Yard Hotel Room

Despite its small boutique size (just 91 rooms and suites) you’ll feel you’re in a larger hotel with so many hotel features. There’s a large outdoor patio, a rooftop garden, an elegantly designed dining room, a festive tea room, spa, gym, library and a trendy bowling alley … all packed with Londoners.

DSC_0971But my favorite thing about going to a new Firmdale hotel is checking out the interior décor and the Ham Yard didn’t disappoint.  Designer Kit Kemp’s award winning style is a highlight of any Firmdale hotel.  Walking into a Firmdale creates anticipation and a heightened sense of décor awareness (if that’s a thing).

Rating*: 5/5 (*Rating Scale – 1: Terrible, 2: Poor, 3: Average, 4: Very Good, 5: Excellent)

Type of Traveler: Business, Family, Tourist

Best Time of Year: Anytime

Key Features: Décor, Rooftop Garden, Bowling Alley.  The location is great.  It’s near Picadilly Circus, St. James Square, the Apollo theater, and Liberty London (my favorite shop).  If you’re looking for a good lunch spot, try the Wolseley

Drawbacks: It’s a very lively, busy hotel with a lot of people milling around.  Our room overlooked the front of the hotel and the outdoor summer dining was rather loud as we were falling asleep.  If you prefer a more sedate hotel, then this lively hotel may not be the spot for you.


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