Spring Festival Fever

Forget “Spring Fever!” Do you have “Festival Fever?” It’s that time of year for music junkies! Here’s the scoop for 2016, with Coachella kicking things off this weekend!


April 15 – 17 and April 22-24

Indio, CA on the polo fields

Headliners: Guns N’ Roses, Calvin Harris, LCD Soundsystem

Expected attendance: over 580,000

Notes: You know this is the hot ticket in town when the three-day passes sold out in 40-minutes. Expect security to be extremely strong this year. Read the Concert Guidelines carefully.


May 14-15 – New York, NY Citi Field

June 17-19 – Las Vegas, NV Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Headliners: Avicii

Expected attendance: over 300,000

Notes: EDC features art, carnival rides, circus-style performances and all of the top EDM DJs. Expect lots (I mean lots) of confetti!


August 5-7

San Francisco, CA Golden Gate Park

Headliners: Radiohead, Lionel Richie, LCD Soundsystem

Notes: Besides a strong music line up, Outside Lands also offers food, wine, art and, of course, a strong emphasis on eco-friendliness.



41rMTfE5zjL._SX300_QL70_Blanket – Get the Gecko Active Extra Large Parachute Beach Blanket – works for you and all your friends.

th-4Chair – Make a statement with the Crazy Creek Original Chair. Now this is a chair made for concert going.

 Water Bottle – Try a HydroFlask. Guaranteed to keep your ice fresh and your beverages cool all day

Cell Phone Accessories – Of course we all need our cell phones for selfies, tracking our buddies down and nighttime Bic lighter replacements.   Take a Mighty Purse for guaranteed battery life extension or a Bandolier for all day hands free storage.

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