Hip2Travel Review: Four Seasons Resort Whistler, British Columbia

Hip2Travel Hotel Review

Name of Hotel: Four Seasons Resort Whistler

Location: Whistler, British Columbia, Canada (Blackcomb Village)

Rating*: 5/5 (*Rating Scale – 1: Terrible, 2: Poor, 3: Average, 4: Very Good, 5: Excellent)

Type of Traveler: Families, Couples

Best Time of Year: Winter and Summer

Key Features: Service level, ski concierge, spa

Drawbacks: This hotel is not ski-in/ski-out
four seasons ski conciergeSide Notes:  We have traveled to Whistler about 2-3 times per year for the past 15 years and our recent visit was the first time we stayed at the Four Seasons. We usually stay in a rented condo or at the Fairmont or Westin. Now I’ve been spoiled. It will be hard to stay anywhere else after staying at the Four Seasons. Why? It’s hard to say that it’s anything other than the service level. The rooms were nicely decorated, the beds were adequately comfortable, the public areas nicely appointed but there really isn’t anything about any of these aspects that makes the Four Seasons stand out. When it comes right down to it, it was the service level that made the 5 star cut for me. There seems to be a fine line in the hotel service industry between snobbery good service and good service that makes you feel valued. The Four Seasons has figured out how to do the latter. I’ll give one example, they make up for the fact that they aren’t ski-in/ski-out by providing a convenient ski concierge at the base of Blackcomb Mountain. Every time I entered I was greeted, offered water or hot chocolate and most importantly, they offered to help me put my ski boots on and off. No one has offered to do this for me since I was a little girl! They even lost my skis one day and I saw them move heaven and earth to find them as quickly as they could … which they thankfully did!

four seasons all three buildings
The Four Seasons Resort and Residences

The only other thing I will comment on is that one of the main reasons why we never chose to stay here previously (other than price – which is a big consideration) is that it always seemed like a gigantic hotel. When you drive by it seems enormous. What I didn’t realize is that one whole building is made up of the Four Seasons Residences. The other building is the resort. Staying at the Resort felt intimate and personal. I never felt that I was in a huge, bustling hotel (which the Fairmont often feels like).



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