Rain Rain Go Away – How to Pack for Rain

rainThere’s nothing more dismaying that looking at the weather forecast and seeing a picture of a little cloud and drops of rain.  None of us want rain on our vacation but it’s inevitable, especially if you come visit us here in Seattle.  We know a thing or two about rain.  But how to pack?  That’s the dilemma.

You can temp fate and come fully prepared with umbrellas, rain jackets, galoshes, etc. to make sure it won’t rain.  Because we all know if you take an umbrella somewhere it won’t rain.

But space is tight and we need to be practical about what we pack.

2006 07 02_1259First of all, it depends on how much rain.  A couple years ago we were heading to Nicaragua and were told to expect 90 degree weather and rain every day while working in a mountainous jungle area.  In this case, we purchased extremely lightweight waterproof jackets from North Face and brought old running shoes that we could throw away.  We spent each day walking through heavy, slippery mud.  And we even stopped in a town to purchase umbrellas one day just in time for the sun to come out for the rest of the trip … see what I mean about umbrellas?

But if you are just expecting a little rain, you have a few options.  You could take a small travel umbrella but we don’t recommend it because these days most hotels and shopping centers offer complimentary umbrellas to borrow or you can easily pick up a lightweight umbrella anywhere.

Taking a rain coat or jacket is another option, but coats are like shoes.  You need to plan your wardrobe around these two items because you can’t take too many when considering space limitations.

Football_1We are big fans of ponchos.  Now, don’t run away from this idea.  We all have to admit that ponchos work in the rain, or hundreds of people wouldn’t wear rain ponchos at sporting events or concerts.  But who wants to actually wear a poncho?  Most are extremely cheap, plastic and disposable.  Not a great addition to the travel wardrobe, right?

tina-plaidWrong!  Take a look at this great product, RainRaps.  These stylish, waterproof ponchos are perfect for traveling.  They fold up easily into a nice pouch that is perfect for tucking away into your suitcase.  Buy one with neutral colors and it will work perfectly with your wardrobe.  I keep one in the car and one in my suitcase so I always have rain protection.

image_12 Black and Plaid

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