2015 Top Ten Stocking Stuffers for Women Travelers

Provence Meadow Roll OnRoll on Perfume  ($10) – Roll-on “scents” are the perfect addition to any travel kit.  Fun “destination” scents available.


Mod Camera Pouch ($23.50) – Help your loved ones keep their camera safe while traveling with this bright and merry plush-lined camera case.

200-449-TiPhone Charger Wrap ($12-$14) – Help your household say “that’s mine” festively by giving everyone their own charger wrap for their chargers.

LGT Brights GroupLeather Luggage Tag ($30) – Help a friend dress up their little black bag with a beautiful, colorful leather luggage tag.

Cap Saver Clear RhinestoneMod Camera Cap Saver ($16.50) – Never lose a camera cap again with this handy, fun cap saver.  Perfect for your favorite photographer.


Bandolier Cross Body Phone Tote ($60-$85) – These leather phone totes allow anyone to travel hands free and never lose their phone.  No more rummaging through your totes to find a phone.

Back in Black Belt Set with Tigerlily BuckleHipsi Belt
($50) – This is the perfect belt for traveling and for everyday.  Totally flat, holds pants in place, easily adjustable for any pants and mix and match to go with every travel outfits.

mad-t-big_grande_clipped_rev_1Airportag Pouch ($22.90) Tell everyone where you’ve been or better yet, use this fun airport code pouch to give a hint about where you want to go.

Black Plaid FrontRainRap Rain Poncho ($60) – These fold up rain ponchos are not your grandmother’s rain poncho.  You will delight a friend if they find this in their stocking!

COSMO-GOLD_TwoPhasesLay/N/Go Toiletry Bag ($29.95) – These cinch bags are our favorite new design for a toiletry bag.  Your friends will love how you can lay everything out and easily see what’s in their bag.

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