Top 10 Songs that Whisk Me Away

Music has a direct line to the soul. Amy and I both love music – so much so that we named our line of hipsi Belts and Buckles after songs!

There are certain songs that literally transport me to another destination – a place I’ve been or one I’m dreaming about. Following is my countdown:

10. All I Wanna Do by Sheryl Crow

This song just feels like Santa Monica. I’m on the boardwalk, watching the surfers, eating ice cream…

9.  Ramblin’ Man by The Allman Brothers Band

Have you ever driven across America? Before my junior year of college a friend and I drove my mint green ’66 Chevy Malibu convertible from the East Coast to the West. This classic puts me right back in the driver’s seat of that old car, cruising west on I-40.

Chevelle Malibu cropped
My ’66 Chevelle Malibu Convertible

8. Down Under by Men at Work

I’ve never been to Australia – it’s on my list – but doesn’t this song just make you want to go?

7. Midnight Train to Georgia by Gladys Knight

When this song comes on the radio, for me…time stops. I spent a summer at the beach near Charleston, South Carolina, and I feel the humidity in my bones while I’m singing along.

6. Gimme 3 Steps by Lynyrd Skynyrd

This one is personal and the song doesn’t necessarily have to do with traveling (or even a particular place), but I have the most visceral memory of playing this song over and over while driving from Virginia to Florida on a high school spring break road trip. We even made up new words to this song which may (or may not) have involved getting pulled over for speeding 😉

5. One Love by Bob Marley

Nothing says the Caribbean like Bob Marley, right? We be jammin’.

4. I Left My Heart in San Francisco by Tony Bennett

This one is a throwback but very special to me. This was my parents’ wedding song (they met in San Francisco back in 19**). In turn my husband and I, who met at college in the San Francisco Bay Area, selected this classic as our wedding song.

3. California Dreaming by The Mamas and The Papas

I think this song is the sole reason I decided to leave my home state of Virginia to attend college in California.

2. Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffet

I challenge you to find one person who doesn’t immediately find themselves (mentally) basking on a sun-drenched Florida Keys beach upon hearing this song.

1. Carolina on My Mind by James Taylor

Strawberry Picking in North Carolina in 2003
Strawberry Picking in North Carolina in 2003

I spent 10 years of my life in North Carolina and 2 of my kids were born there. This song makes me wistful, dreamy and sometimes teary…I loved our North Carolina days and the beautiful friendships we built there…some of the most amazing people in the world!


What songs transport you to your special places?


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