Spotlight on Sunscreen

SPF can be confusing so before you go on your next beach vacation, take a look at these SPF facts.

There are two kinds of ultra-violet light that cause skin damage:

  • UVB – primarily responsible for sunburns
  • UVA – primarily leads to premature aging

Both can cause cancer.

revised_tl_sunscreen_wipe_2_webAll sunscreens filter out UVB light. Not all sunscreens filter out UVA. If you want UVA protection, look for the words “broad spectrum” or “UVA” on the label. If it doesn’t say this then you are only getting protection from UVB.

SPF is not a unit of measurement. SPF indicated how much ultra-violet light is filtered out.

Under 15 SPF = protection from sunburns only

  • SPF 15 = Blocks 93.3% of UV rays
  • SPF 30 = Blocks 96.7% of UV rays
  • SPF 50 = Blocks 98.0% of UV rays
  • SPF 60 = Blocks 98.3% of UV rays

Try our Beach Vibes Travel Essentials Kit on your next sunny vacation!  You’ll love our handy SPF 30 sunscreen wipes.

Sources: U.S. Food and Drug Administration

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