Do you have a “spot?”

Gasparilla Island, Florida
Gasparilla Island, Florida

What makes your “spot” your spot? As I write this, I’m sitting at my spot gazing at the Gulf of Mexico. If you have a “spot,” you know what I’m talking about. I’m contemplating what makes a spot your spot.

This is the place where your soul is soothed. It’s where your heart lifts and your day brightens as you drive in. Everything suddenly seems all right. It gives perspective.

So what makes it?

It’s part destination. Right now I’m sitting on Gasparilla Island on the Gulf Coast of Florida. It’s a seven-mile, beach-ridden island with the charming, sleepy old-Florida town of Boca Grande. Warm weather, sunsets, the lack of hi-rises and the sneaking suspicion that this is a secret location known only to you make this an annual (30 years and counting) draw.

Is it family or solitude? For me it’s part family. We go 3200 miles to reach Boca Grande each year. It’s hard when we see all our Seattle friends head off to Hawaii for the same flight distance. But we go because we’ll usually see extended family (aunts, uncles, cousins, inlaws, etc.). We have built family memories here over the years by way of weddings, baptisms and birthday milestone celebrations.

But for some it’s the solitude. It’s the place where you can pull away, disconnect and focus on the quiet. Boca Grande also gives me a healthy portion of solitude. It provides that rare beach experience where you can walk for miles and hardly see a soul.

Is it land, sea, or mountains for you? It’s sea for me but mountains for my husband. We have a mountain cabin that suits him just fine. But I sit out on our back deck at the cabin and gaze at the mountains wondering, where’s the water?   It’s a good thing we live in Seattle where we can see both water and mountains from our bedroom window.

Does it require repetition? Yes and no. I’ve been going to Boca Grande for over 30 years but I have to confess that I have another spot. This one is harder to get to but no less a draw. I fell in love with Capri on my first trip there with a girlfriend. Capri was our first stop on a two week trip to the Amalfi Coast. We loved it so much we never left and spent our entire two weeks on Capri. I took my husband for our 5th wedding anniversary and two more times with our kids. It’s our family’s other spot. I have a really hard time going to Europe without a stop in Capri. The kids expect it now.

So know that you know about mine, what about yours? Let us know!

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